Graduation brings an end to the first year of the Prepare To Launch Program at Attica Schools. The first year ends with over $15,000 having been raised. The 2014 Prepare To Launch Squad held 4 events throughout the school year in an effort to raise money for further education of Attica High School graduates.

In conjunction with the Harper County Community Foundation, the Attica Community Foundation and Attica Public Schools, the Prepare To Launch Program was started in the Fall of 2013. The Connie Sue Anthony Family of rural Attica left an estate to the Harper County Community Foundation who is contributing from these funds to the program. The program is structured as savings accounts for each class attending Attica Public Schools. The ending balances for each class as of the end of the 2014 school year are as follows:


Endowment Account        $1,000.29

Class of 2014                      $1,931.11

Class of 2015                      $1,516.98

Class of 2016                      $1,419.74

Class of 2017                      $1,479.76

Class of 2018                      $1,025.31

Class of 2019                      $1,025.31

Class of 2020                      $1,025.31

Class of 2021                      $1,025.31

Class of 2022                      $1,025.31

Class of 2023                      $1,025.31

Class of 2024                      $1,088.35

Class of 2025                      $1,103.35

Total                                       $15,691.44


The ending balance for the class of 2014 is divided by the number of students in that class and a check will be made payable to the school of their choice. $1,931.11 divided by 9 graduates equals $214.57 per student. The students have 5 years to use this money until it is forfeited back to the program. Students must have attended Attica High School for three of their four years in high school and provide a copy of their diploma. The remaining classes’ accounts will continue to grow until their graduation.

The Prepare To Launch Squad is a group of 12 students whose job was to coordinate fundraisers for the program.  The four events the squad organized were a concession stand at the Attica Bull Bash held Oct 21, 2013, a New Year’s Eve lock in at the school, a hot dog feed after the Easter Egg Hunt and the 1st Annual PTL Kickball Tournament. The kickball tournament was won by the team of Mya Deviney (Class of 2025), Ava Dark (2024), Noah Loreg (2023), Xander Newberry (2022), Devon Newberry (2016) and Alec McDaniel (2016). Proceeds from each event are allocated to the class of those students who showed up to work.

The Prepare To Launch Squad for the 2014 school year was Morgan Grigsby, Dylan Prescott,  Austin Newberry, Darrian Pinkston, Doss Grigsby, Daymon Howell, Tyler Deviney, Devon Newberry, Alec McDaniel, Brooklyn Myers, Molly Vandeveer and Kierstin Newberry. Sheryl Grigsby was advisor.

The Prepare To Launch Program is being run in conjunction with a financial literacy program at Attica Schools to help educate students about money and business as well as providing funds for their education. The successful first year of the program provided Attica students with additional opportunities for their post-high school education. Donations to the program are accepted and may be tax deductible. If you have any questions, please contact Kevin Alexander 620-254-7256.